California’s Prop 37 Likely to Pass With Majority of Voters Supporting Mandatory GMO Labeling

According to the L.A. times, a recent poll finds that California’s Proposition 37 requiring mandatory labeling of all foods containing GMOs sold in the state will pass with 61% of voters in favor of the bill.  This is despite huge food corporations spending well over 30 million dollars in their fight against labeling GMOs.  In recent years, once massive anecdotal evidence of human illnesses such as digestive conditions, cancers, and food allergies have been justified with animal studies showing the harmful effects of GMO feed causing systemic organ failure, infertility, tumors, and premature death.  Genetically modified crops are found littered on grocery store shelves, mainly in processed foods, all major fast food locations, most chain restaurants, and pretty much any where food is sold that is not 100% organic or non-GMO tested.

Recent public attention from the media about genetically modified food is shifting consumer awareness and causing folks to educate themselves and learn more about what’s on their plate.  🙂


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